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 Published 27.05.2015

Kirchberg garden party

Community: As part of this weekend’s “fête des voisins”, GAP Luxembourg wants to bring neighbours together in the northeastern part of the plateau. An outfit trying to bring more community spirit to ... arrow

 Published 26.05.2015

International driving deaths map

Road safety: Traffic fatalities claimed 6.3 lives per 100,000 Luxembourg residents, a rate similar to that found in France. Driving in Luxembourg is just as deadly as in France, more dangerous than ... arrow

 Published 26.05.2015

Closer to China

Funds: A pair of announcements this year have put the Grand Duchy’s financial centre on better footing with the Middle Kingdom’s markets. The business relationship with China has become closer over ... arrow

 Published 26.05.2015

Musical plays

Theatre: Co-director and cast member Allison Kingsbury talks about Pirate Productions’ latest show, “Starting Here, Starting Now”. From 11 to 14 June Pirate Productions presents a review show at the ... arrow

 Published 26.05.2015

Do something while the summer lasts

Sports: The summer’s coming, the sun’s shining and it is that time of the year again when people should be getting active. Sign up to a course or summer camp, visit a sports or activities centre or ... arrow

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Sponsored news

 Published 28.04.2015

Managing your assets to meet life’s milestones

Market trends are often the determining factor in portfolio management decisions. But they should not outweigh other critical parameters such as milestones in your life, family and professional ... arrow

 Published 14.04.2015

BL-Fund Selection 0-50: playing prudent

Personal business: With interest rates remaining at an all-time low, investors are looking for alternatives to deposit accounts and traditional fixed term accounts. The BL-Fund Selection 0-50 fund ... arrow

 Published 30.03.2015

Private banker, family banker

The wealth manager's role goes well beyond the traditional notion of looking after savings. It requires a close and comprehensive understanding of the needs of the client and their family. ... arrow

 Published 17.03.2015

How to invest in a low interest rate environment?

Yields on money-market and investment grade bonds have never been lower. This unusual situation is making life difficult for investors wishing to preserve buying power. Facing negative real ... arrow

 Published 03.03.2015

Global economy in danger of slowdown

Despite the leading banks' zero interest rate policy and weak oil prices, the global economy is in danger of a slowdown, according to Guy Wagner, Chief Investment Officer at Banque de Luxembourg, ... arrow

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Are investors benefitting from new regulations?
Secondhand umbrella, anyone?
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Personal Business

Energy-savvy home improvements

Personal business: Most of us would like to live in an energy-efficient, planet-friendly home, but initiating the necessary renovations is a different kettle of fish. With good advice and smart...

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Anne-Marie Nicolas

Appointments: Loyens & Loeff.

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Senior Corporate Officer

  • Contract : CDI
  • Place : Luxembourg
  • Profession : Finances
  • At : FYTE


  • Contract : CDI
  • Place : Luxembourg
  • Profession : Legal advice
  • At : DO Recruitment Advisors


  • Contract : CDI
  • Place : Luxembourg
  • Profession : Finances
  • At : DO Recruitment Advisors
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Finnish church

The Luxemburgin Suomalainen Merimieskirkko holds Sunday services six or seven times per year at the Protestant Centre (1 rue Jules Wilhelm, Luxembourg-Clausen)... arrow

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