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 Published 27.01.2015

The waiter and the flight attendant

Carte blanche: Simple moves by front-line staff can make a huge difference in customer service, reckons Rana Hein-Hartmann. I recently boarded a European flight when the plane was delayed. Part of ... arrow

 Published 26.01.2015

Mersch: improve SME bond market

Finance: The European Central Bank’s Yves Mersch has spoken in favour of integrated capital markets for the euro area’s smaller sized firms. Yves Mersch, the Luxembourg member of the European Central ... arrow

 Published 22.01.2015

Relatively pricier than NYC

Cost of living: Luxembourg is the 5th most expensive city to live in, and comparatively more expensive than the Big Apple, according to a newly updated crowdsourced index. The Grand Duchy is one the ... arrow

 Published 20.01.2015

BankComm board OKs branch

Finance: China’s Bank of Communications has officially decided to establish operations in Luxembourg. China’s fifth largest bank has formally decided to open up shop in the Grand ... arrow

 Published 19.01.2015

Essential ideas

Entrepreneurship: Launching skin products made in Luxembourg might seem like something of a gamble. Unless of course you’re making something so different and good that the prime minister, Xavier ... arrow

 Published 19.01.2015

“Outperforming the ‘AAA’ median”

Public finance: Fitch affirmed its highest credit rating on Luxembourg’s debt and forecast the country’s economy will grow more than 2% this year and next. One of the world’s largest credit ... arrow

 Published 14.01.2015

QE is OK says AG

Euro zone: The European Central Bank should be able to conduct “outright monetary transactions”, an advisor at the EU’s top court has said in an initial opinion. Mario Draghi, the head of the ... arrow

 Published 13.01.2015

Alternative funds “outstanding opportunity”

Outlook: Daniela Klasén-Martin on the opportunities and challenges for the Luxembourg fund industry in 2015. Growth predictions for 2015 can be extrapolated from 2014, which was itself a successful ... arrow

 Published 09.01.2015

Confidence “evolved in a contrasted manner”

Economy: Business and consumer outlook remained muted across most of Europe in December, however two surveys offered some potentially encouraging news for Luxembourg’s job market. A pair of reports ... arrow

 Published 07.01.2015

28 out of 232 in price survey

Cost of living: The Grand Duchy’s capital is still less expensive than Paris but pricier than Brussels, an expat website has reported. The Grand Duchy’s capital remains the 28th most expensive ... arrow

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