10 things to do this week

17.07 - 24.07 2018

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Swimming pools

Expat Guide Leisure time

Take a dip.

Pictured: Vianden swimming pool. Photo credit: VisitLuxembourg.com

An der Schwemm

Where: 10 rue James-Hillard Polk ,L-3275 Bettembourg

Phone: 26 52 95 1

Website: www.an-der-schwemm.lu

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Bonnevoie Swimming Pool

Where: 30 rue Sigismond,L-2537 Luxembourg

Phone: 47 96 34 71 

Website: www.vdl.lu

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Centre Aquatique Krounebierg

Where: 14 rue de la Piscine ,L-7572 Mersch 

Phone: 32 88 23 1

Website: www.krounebierg.lu

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This swimming centre has an olympic-sized indoor pool,as well as a smaller pool for children, making it a perfect destination for families. 

Where: 2 rue Léon Hengen,L-1745 Luxembourg

Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.coque.lu

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Escher Schwemm

Where: 1 place des Sacrifiés,L-1940 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone: 27 54 72 00

Website: www.lesbainsduparc.lu

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Les Thermes

Les Thermes is a popular water park and wellness centre in Strassen, with both indoor and outdoor facilities, a water slide, and a wave pool. 

Where: Rue des Thermes,L-8018 Strassen

Phone: 27 03 00 27 

Website: www.lesthermes.net

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Mondorf Domaine Thermal

Where: 36 avenue des Bains,L-5610 Mondorf-les-Bains

Phone: 23 66 66 66

Website: www.mondorf.lu

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Pidal Spa Walferdange

Where: Rue des Prés,L-7246 Walferdange

Phone: 33 91 72 1 

Website: www.pidal.lu

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Piscine Belair

Where: 14 rue d’Ostende ,L-2271 Luxembourg

Phone: 47 96 49 80 

Website: www.vdl.lu

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Where: 28 rue de la Piscine ,L-8502 Redange-sur-Attert

Phone: 23 62 00 32

Website: www.reidener-schwemm.lu

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Syrdall Schwemm

Where: Routscheed,L-6939 Niederanven

Phone: 34 93 63 1

Website: www.syrdall-schwemm.lu

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Vianden Outdoor Swimming Pool

Where: Rue du Sanatorium,L-9425 Vianden 

Phone: 83 45 32 

Website: www.vianden-info.lu

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