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50K to cut CO2

News Current affairs 13.07.2012 Aaron Grunwald
Photo: Olivier Minaire (archives)

Environment: A paperJam magazine project has donated €50,000 to MyClimateLux, a Grand Duchy-based NGO promoting energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions among non-residential energy users.

The cheque was presented Wednesday evening at a reception held by the paperJam Business Club. The business magazine started the campaign to support MyClimateLux in June 2010, when paperJam celebrated its tenth year of publication. The NGO celebrated its tenth anniversary this spring.

Some 50 companies participated in the fundraising drive with paperJam, which like Delano is published by Maison Moderne.

The two year programme featured a number of informational and promotional events--to generate awareness inside firms and among the general public--such as the launching of a balloon that was built by supporting firms’ employees inside the Rockhal in October (photo).

The money contributed this week will be used to fund a project to improve energy efficiency at several businesses in Malawi. The project will replace traditional ovens and tobacco drying equipment with more efficient models. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the programme aims to reduce the use of nonrenewable fuels and to therefore to help prevent deforestation.