Snapshots  Published 19.06.2012
Text by: Aaron Grunwald

BLC fetes queen’s anniversary

Community: Luxembourg residents celebrated Queen Elisabeth II’s 60 years on the throne at the British Ladies Club’s diamond jubilee gala on Saturday.

Photo(s) : Charles Caratini

The keynote speaker, Alice Walpole, Britain’s ambassador to the Grand Duchy, spoke of her own chance to meet the queen at a traditional “kissing hands” ceremony held for the installation of British officials earlier this year.

The speech complemented the evening of crément welcome drinks, a three course dinner and then dancing. “The dance floor was virtually full once the music started,” Sandra Von Esebeck, one of the evening’s organisers, told Delano. “We danced into the early hours and it was great fun.”

Naturally, the group proposed a toast to the British Queen and to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

For Von Esebeck, it was a moment to reflect on the British “monarch who has worked tirelessly in her role, one that was thrust upon her at an early age. She’s obviously lived a privileged life, but she’s paid back more than could be expected to her country and in service to her subjects.”

“I think the nation respects that and celebrated that over the days of the jubilee,” Von Esebeck added. “I think it’s an occasion like this that makes you proud of your own nation.”

The BLC evening was not limited to club members, nor to the British for that matter. Among the nearly 90 participants were Luxembourgers, Americans, Australians, Greeks and Italians, who ranged in age from the 30s to 80s.

The British Ladies Club promotes itself as a “fun social club for women and their families in and around Luxembourg. Our members are from over 40 different nationalities and we offer a wide range of activities, from events for children to sports, crafts and evenings out.”

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