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Translation contract win

News Business 06.07.2012 Aaron Grunwald
Photo: Charles Caratini (archives)

EU institutions: The language services and document management firm euroscript has won another public tender from the European Commission.

The translation company announced the win on Wednesday, to mark its 25th year of operations in the Grand Duchy. Euroscript will translate documents relating to “Directive 98/34/EC” into all European languages except Irish for the commission’s Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry in Brussels. As part of the common market, the directive requires each member state to submit draft technical regulations--on everything from electronic equipment to chemical safety--at least three months before finalising the rules.

According to EU documents, 13 firms competed for the four year contract, which is worth 36 million euro.

“Euroscript was founded in Luxembourg in order to be closer to the European Institutions and better assist them,” Mark Evenepoel, the firm’s CEO (photo), said in a press statement. “It is a great accomplishment and recognition that could not come at a better time, as this year euroscript is celebrating its 25 years of activity here in Luxembourg.”

The company employs about 200 people at its Bertrange headquarters and has about 1,100 more at its 17 offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Among its public sector work, Euroscript has several multi-million euro contracts with EU institutions in Luxembourg, with the Police Grande-Ducale and the United Nations, as well as with clients in the aviation, financial services and IT industries.