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31.05 - 07.06 2016

See best of Nordic Film

Cinema 03.06.2016

This year’s Nordic Film Festival opens with a good old fashioned sports drama based on the real events that led to the Danish national football team winning the European Championships in 1992.

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News Careers 24.07.2012 Darren Robinson
Photo: Stethoscopes/Creative Commons

Job Doctor: Each Tuesday Darren Robinson answers questions about career development and finding a new position.

Dear Job Doctor,

Should I select companies that are under a collective agreement?

In Luxembourg, there is already a 60 percent chance that you will select a company that is regulated by some form of collective agreement; therefore it may be difficult to avoid in certain industry sectors.

There are many employee benefits associated with a collective agreement, such as favourable holiday allowance. However, depending on your complete set of motivations, there are other important factors I would recommend considering when identifying and selecting which company to work for--irrespective of a collective agreement.

Company size: what size of company fits best with the level of your career, your objectives, your priorities and your character?

Marketshare: are they well positioned in the market and performing?

Reputation: what is the company image and track record in the market?

Company culture and values: what is the atmosphere like, in terms of ethics, team dynamics and management style?

Employee turnover: if you’re looking for job security, how many people have recently left the company and why?

Work-life balance: is there a written or spoken work-life policy that respects individual needs?

Training and development: are there opportunities to gain extra professional qualifications?

The people: will you feel comfortable with the individual, team and most importantly the management style? 

What you want from your next job and company will depend on the stage of your life and career, and your goals for the future. Major factors in the early stages of your career might include specific training, varied experiences, coaching or working with inspirational managers. Job security, status, responsibility and power have been shown through research to become more important motivators as people move through the later stages of their career.

Overall then, think about where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow-- in your career and more generally. What factors are important in making this happen and where can they be achieved?

When faced with choosing the right company, it is better to have an idea of your ultimate goal or vision--knowing what you are aiming towards gives you direction, a basis for making your decision regardless of whether there is a collective agreement or not.

Darren Robinson is managing director of Badenoch & Clark Luxembourg, the largest staffing and recruitment firm in the Grand Duchy.

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