Business  Published 28.06.2011
Text by: Aaron Grunwald


Nathalie Deltgen: One of 34 who earned master's in banking and finance from the Luxembourg School of Finance this year.

Valedictorian Photo(s) : Olivier Minaire

A native of Bettange-sur-Mess, Nathalie Deltgen completed a degree in mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London before returning to the Grand Duchy to work at Dexia-BIL. This spring she graduated top of her class at the Luxembourg School of Finance, and moved to BCEE’s structured products desk.

AG: What did you get from this programme?

ND: I am able to understand more properly what I’m doing on a daily basis; I know what’s behind it. For the future, connection wise, some of the professors are people that are good to know, here in Luxembourg and all over the world.

AG: Is it gruelling?

ND: You’re taking courses that at other universities take a semester, and here you’ve got maybe four or five days. The subjects are very crammed together. It’s very tough to jump from one subject to another.

There’s a lot of self-study. The professors are there to present a topic, but to really get into a subject you have to do it yourself.

AG: What are some the highlights?

ND: The diversity of the class. Out of a class of 23, there were only two Luxembourgish people. The others came from China, Cambodia, El Salvador, all over the world.

The residential week in New York is great, the time you spend at Stern Business School.

AG: How do you think it helps your career?

ND: Well, it already helped me get a new job. I got a couple of offers and I took this one.

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