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 Published 14.04.2015

Harnessing potential for philanthropy in ...

Carte blanche: “Philanthropy is a matter for everyone--not just a matter for bankers and the wealthy”, says Philippe Depoorter. We’ve come a long way since 2008 and the “Seizing the ... arrow

 Published 14.04.2015

E-commerce from Luxembourg? “Only if…”

Innovation: Financial services are the biggest e-commerce opportunity for startups in the Grand Duchy, says one of the country’s leading venture capitalists. This country remains a great place from ... arrow

 Published 13.04.2015

Judgeships to double

Legal: The number of judges at the EU’s second highest court, in Kirchberg, is set to rise from 28 to 56, the Financial Times has reported. The number of judges at the EU General Court in Kirchberg ... arrow

 Published 13.04.2015

Taking the reins

Newsmakers: Tom Leick-Burns talks about succeeding his mentor Frank Feitler as the head of the City of Luxembourg’s theatres and his ambition for the future of the two venues. Talk about a hard act ... arrow

 Published 10.04.2015

Europe’s huge gulf in labour costs

Friday fact file: Wages, benefits and charges vary widely across the EU; a data firm illustrates how Luxembourg compares with the rest of the bloc. In 2014, hourly expenditure on labour across the ... arrow

 Published 09.04.2015

Amazon gives 1st interview

E-commerce: The Seattle-based firm has run its EU business from Luxembourg for more than a decade but has never actively spoken with the press here… until last week. E-commerce and digital media ... arrow

 Published 09.04.2015

258k foreign residents, 266k foreign workers

Statec report: Nearly half of Luxembourg residents and seven out of ten people working in the country are foreign nationals. The Grand Duchy’s native-born and foreign-national populations have ... arrow

 Published 09.04.2015

2nd most generous

International aid: Luxembourg followed only Sweden in relative levels of economic development assistance last year. The Grand Duchy had the second highest proportion of international development aid ... arrow

 Published 08.04.2015

€5.5m for 5,800 Swatches

Diversions: Paul Dunkel’s collection was 25 years in the making and sold just minutes after going under the gavel. arrow

 Published 07.04.2015

International school plans unveiled

Education: The government has announced more details of the international school in Differdange, due to open for students next year. Meeting a growing demand for English-language education, the ... arrow

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