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 Published 20.03.2015

Parenting connections

Family: An English speaking support group for parents and children’s professionals has branched out. A parent-to-parent support group for English speakers has launched a new website that provides ... arrow

 Published 20.03.2015

Luxembourg has Europe’s highest share of ...

Friday fact file: The Grand Duchy continues to have the highest proportion of foreign residents in the EU; a data firm illustrates how it compares with other European nations. In absolute terms, the ... arrow

 Published 19.03.2015

Friendly against BA(G) squad

Sport: Luxembourg’s national rugby team gets good practice against a British Army team this weekend. The Grand Duchy’s national rugby team takes on a British Army (Germany) squad in a friendly ... arrow

 Published 19.03.2015

EU tax crackdown unveiled

Corporate taxation: The European Commission has proposed automatic exchange of “tax rulings” in response to the LuxLeaks scandal. EU countries will have to automatically exchange details on ... arrow

 Published 18.03.2015

Vibrant Irish

Community: Irish ambassador Peadar Carpenter hosted his first St. Patrick’s Day reception in Luxembourg at the Cercle Cité on 17 March. They gathered in droves to celebrate Ireland’s national ... arrow

 Published 18.03.2015

Delivering on big data

Economy: How can the worlds of logistics and IT, and even finance, cooperate to be cleverer and create new opportunities here in Luxembourg and across Europe? “I am convinced there are ... arrow

 Published 17.03.2015

Lower myenergy bills?

Home renovation: Head to Kirchberg this weekend if your building needs an energy efficiency retrofit. Planning to refurbish a building? Then new rules mean it will have to be brought up to stricter ... arrow

 Published 17.03.2015

Research firm says these funds are a star

Finance: Morningstar has named the best money managers and best performing investment funds in Luxembourg last year. An independent investment research firm has named the Grand Duchy’s best ... arrow

 Published 17.03.2015

More vegetarian and vegan options for Luxembourg

Carte blanche: The Grand Duchy’s more than 1,200 restaurants should serve more non-animal fare, argues Alix Rassel. Before I went vegan, I never had a huge problem when eating out at restaurants with ... arrow

 Published 16.03.2015

Super soup serving

Fundraiser: Ara City Radio’s morning team has a lunchtime suggestion. They normally serve up breakfast on Ara City Radio but this week they will be serving up lunch in Capellen, and for a good ... arrow

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