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 Published 17.10.2013

Accessible cuisine

Food & drink: The success of her food blog inspired Anne Faber to produce a cookbook and TV series showcasing British cuisine. Launching a TV show and a book on which she has worked for over a ... arrow

 Published 16.10.2013

Maison Moderne gears up for 20th

Publishing: Delano publisher Maison Moderne will celebrate its 20th anniversary exactly one year from today. The publishing house that became Maison Moderne, formerly Mike Koedinger Editions was ... arrow

 Published 16.10.2013

Young guns go for it

Business mentoring: In the past year, Jens Buch has benefitted from the Chamber of Commerce’s mentorship programme--an experience much appreciated by the industrious entrepreneur. He’s a kind ... arrow

 Published 15.10.2013

Lorang’s elections

Labour relations: Luxembourg’s political circus might have dissolved the parliament ahead of the general election overshadowing other events, but the country’s social elections are very much alive and ... arrow

 Published 14.10.2013

Research attracts talent

Higher education: As the University of Luxembourg celebrates its 10th anniversary, vice-rector of research Ludwig Neyses talks about its growing reputation. Like all seats of higher learning worth ... arrow

 Published 11.10.2013

Send in the coach

Management: One of Luxembourg’s oldest executive coaching consultancies looks back at how the space has changed over the past decade. “Ten years ago, most people didn’t know anything ... arrow

 Published 10.10.2013

Explorator delivers the goods

Dining out: Maison Moderne’s annual restaurant and going out guide, Explorator, is published on October 10. This year’s Explorator guide features original reviews of some 370 restaurants written ... arrow

 Published 10.10.2013

Alfi tax warning

Finance: Luxembourg’s funds association has said raising investment sector taxes would damage the national economy. Trade group Alfi has warned against the next government raising taxes on the ... arrow

 Published 09.10.2013

Hamm cemetery visitors turned away

Luxembourg sites: Buses continue to arrive at one of the Grand Duchy’s most visited locations, even though its gates were shuttered on October 1. Visitors have continued to arrive at the Luxembourg ... arrow

 Published 09.10.2013

Economy, jobless expected to increase

Indicators: Economic growth is projected to gain steam in Luxembourg over the next four years, but so is unemployment, the IMF has said. The Grand Duchy will experience renewed economic growth and ... arrow



Action, 5, 1, US
Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman
Director(s): David Ayer


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