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 Published 19.07.2013

Touch places in Vienna

Sport: Luxembourg’s national touch rugby men’s squad came in 9th place during its first ever foray at the Mainland Cup, held this year in the Austrian capital. Three-year old Luxembourg Touch has ... arrow

 Published 18.07.2013

Skype “supernode” shift

Privacy: A “significant change” to how Luxembourg-based Skype handles user data may have, intentionally or not, made US government surveillance easier, Delano has ascertained. Huge technical changes ... arrow

 Published 17.07.2013

Skype shares more data, paper alleges

Privacy: A Clausen-based technology firm has become further implicated in the American government’s electronic surveillance programme following reports in a British newspaper. Luxembourg-based Skype ... arrow

 Published 16.07.2013

Steel plates already replaced

Rail safety: The metal parts suspected of causing a deadly train crash in France last week are no longer used in the Grand Duchy, Delano has ascertained. The type of railway accident that occurred ... arrow

 Published 16.07.2013

Growing alternatives

AIFMD: The fund management company space is in the midst of a major evolution, writes guest contributor Sandrine LeClercq. A consequence of the much talked about Alternative Investment Fund ... arrow

 Published 12.07.2013

Luxembourg says “bon voyage”

Tourism: France remains the favourite holiday destination of Grand Duchy residents, while Findel airport and national carrier Luxair have retained top market share rankings, research released this ... arrow

 Published 12.07.2013

Defiant Juncker will lead CSV

Politics: Jean-Claude Juncker was in combative mood on Thursday evening when he told CSV party faithful that he would be their lead candidate at the next election. The CSV had called an extraordinary ... arrow

 Published 11.07.2013

Funds bill passes in the nick of time

Alternative funds: In one of its last legislative acts before likely being dissolved this week, Luxembourg’s parliament has approved new “alternative investment” rules required by Brussels. With ... arrow

 Published 11.07.2013

Luxembourg faces early election

Politics: Having failed to convince deputies that he bears no political responsibility for a maverick secret service, Jean-Claude Juncker will ask the Grand Duke to dissolve parliament. A marathon ... arrow

 Published 10.07.2013

Juncker offers robust defence

Politics: Prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker has not proffered his resignation after giving a detailed defence of the accusations that he failed to properly control the secret service Jean-Claude ... arrow



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