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 Published 16.04.2013

Anti-greenwashing Delano on newsstands

Media: The April edition of Delano, released Wednesday, gives the Grand Duchy’s responsible investments sector an acid test. Over the past decade, “responsible investing” has been touted ... arrow

 Published 16.04.2013

Frieden talks tax in foreign capitals

Tax: Luxembourg’s finance minister has gone to Dublin and Paris to explain the Grand Duchy’s decision to drop banking secrecy, and to lobby for greater harmonisation of inter-governmental information ... arrow

 Published 16.04.2013

Vacations international, but nearby

Tourism: The Grand Duchy’s residents took more than half of their holidays in neighbouring countries, a new report has found. Denizens of the Benelux countries are among the most frequent ... arrow

 Published 15.04.2013

Car concepts

Lecture series: The art of building beautiful automobiles was savoured during the latest Design Friends presentation on international design. Turkish automotive designer Murat Günak ... arrow

 Published 15.04.2013

More counterfeit “beef” found

Consumer affairs: Dutch authorities have discovered a new shipment of mislabelled meat sent to Luxembourg, detected as part of Europe’s “horsemeat scandal” investigation. Dutch authorities have told ... arrow

 Published 12.04.2013

Biltgen resigns

Politics: The justice minister has resigned, saying he wants to be a judge at the European Court of Justice. CSV politician François Biltgen has resigned from the cabinet. The minister told ... arrow

 Published 11.04.2013

Industry unphased by end of secrecy

Finance: “Little will alter” for most of Luxembourg’s financial sector after the Grand Duchy increases cooperation with foreign tax authorities starting in 2015, said the chief of a major consultancy. ... arrow

 Published 11.04.2013

Ambitious project gets underway

Public debate: A participatory programme to engage Luxembourg’s residents and workers in the Grand Duchy’s future has launched. Some 450 people have attended a debate on the Grand Duchy’s ... arrow

 Published 11.04.2013

Big changes in 2015, Juncker says

State of the nation: Luxembourg had no choice but to ditch banking secrecy, and will cut government spending and raise VAT, the prime minister has said. The Grand Duchy will begin automatic ... arrow

 Published 10.04.2013

Majority have “migrant background”

Demographics: More than half of Luxembourg residents hail from immigrant families, a new study has found. Nearly two-thirds of the Grand Duchy’s population have a “migrant ... arrow


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