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 Published 20.11.2013

Car registrations accelerate

Automotive: European and Luxembourg car sales picked up slightly in October, although the sector is still in a slump overall. After sales slides since January, the automotive industry picked up last ... arrow

 Published 19.11.2013

Skype cleared by CNPD in NSA inquiry

Privacy: The Grand Duchy’s data protection agency has rejected claims that two major online firms broke EU law by participating in America’s “Prism” spy programme. arrow

 Published 18.11.2013

EU tells Luxembourg to stop blocking tax deal

Brussels: The European tax commissioner called out the Grand Duchy during a summit of finance ministers, but Luc Frieden says Luxembourg is not obstructing progress on data sharing. The European tax ... arrow

 Published 18.11.2013

2052: Decisions, decisions

Environment: Professor Jørgen Randers predicts how the EU, US and “BRISE” countries will fare in the future, and paints a different picture of multiplying megacities. The final interview in a ... arrow

 Published 15.11.2013

Chinalux looks to future

Networking: The new Chinese chamber celebrated its launch this week, just as financial authorities approved more investment fund links between China and Luxembourg. Auspicious news marked the formal ... arrow

 Published 15.11.2013

A ghost story like no other

Exhibition: See tanks that aren’t there, make ghosts visible and discover the brave men who used art to save lives. From November 15 to 27, you can see full-scale WWII tanks, trucks, airplanes and ... arrow

 Published 15.11.2013

2052: The dangers of short-term thinking

Environment: Professor Jørgen Randers talks about the ability to feed ourselves in 40 years time, and critiques the Western political and economic models. The second of three interviews. BI Norwegian ... arrow

 Published 14.11.2013

“Welcome to the club!”

Language: A native Luxembourger responds to Delano’s recent feature on the use of English while shopping in the Grand Duchy. Reading the new Delano, I was very interested by [Wendy Winn’s] ... arrow

 Published 14.11.2013

2052: A glimpse at an unsustainable future

Environment: Professor Jørgen Randers speaks about why he wrote “2052--A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years” and about experts making predictions based on “what they think will happen”. The ... arrow

 Published 13.11.2013

Get the global forecast for the next 40 years

Jørgen Randers: The influential environmentalist gives a public conference in Luxembourg next week and is the subject of a three-part Q&A series on that starts Thursday. BI Norwegian ... arrow

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