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 Published 03.02.2015

Nordic special

Media: Delano’s February edition shines some (northern) light on the Nordic communities, businesses and groups in Luxembourg. They only represent 2% of foreigners and 1% of all Luxembourg residents, ... arrow

 Published 03.02.2015

The art of surviving February

Family: It’s easy for kids to feel cooped up during Carnival week and wintery weekends. Why not unleash their inner Picasso or Rodin? Sometimes, you have to get really creative in order to find fun ... arrow

 Published 03.02.2015

Mind over matter to beat pain?

Science: Can we use the power of thought to reduce long-term physical pain? Research by the University of Luxembourg suggests the answer might be “yes”. Pain is hugely important. It tells us in the ... arrow

 Published 02.02.2015

Opening taboos in The Museum of Memories

Interview: Delano spoke with Norwegian theatre director Kjell Moberg about the upcoming performances of The Museum Of Memories at the CarréRotondes. arrow

 Published 02.02.2015

Championing the fight against Aids

Carte blanche: Meeting the goals of the new UNAIDS’ 90-90-90 campaign to help end the Aids epidemic requires tackling stigma and discrimination, says Marc Angel. UNAIDS, under its executive director ... arrow

 Published 30.01.2015

Monorail idea rebuked

Regional mobility: Luxembourg’s infrastructure ministry has said a French suggestion for connecting the park and rides in Grand Duchy’s capital and Thionville is “not an option”. The Grand ... arrow

 Published 30.01.2015

KPMG opens Kirchberg site

Urban development: One of Luxembourg’s Big Four consulting firms has inaugurated its new HQ, which will bring more than 1,200 employees together under one roof for the first time. Audit and ... arrow

 Published 30.01.2015

Is this Holocaust mug advert real?

Ask Delano: A reader wants to know if an online advertisement for Holocaust Remembrance Day is authentic. As part of the “Ask Delano” question-and-answer series, a reader wrote: I saw a ... arrow

 Published 29.01.2015

Don’t expect a hardship allowance

Quality of life: Luxembourg City tied with Geneva as 4th “most liveable location” for European expats, an annual relocation survey has found. The Grand Duchy’s capital is tied with a major ... arrow

 Published 28.01.2015

No fines for not completing classes: advisor

Integration: Failing to pass language and civics examinations cannot lead to financial penalties for non-EU nationals, according to an initial opinion issued in Kirchberg. Third country nationals ... arrow

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