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 Published 20.05.2015

Less bailout backing bangs bank ratings

Finance: Credit scores for BIL and several other Benelux banks took a minor hit after a big ratings agency said it expects less state support should European banks run into financial straights. One ... arrow

 Published 19.05.2015

Catching up with… Stojan Rudan

Entrepreneurship: The CEO and co-founder of Wondermags is planning on making the company a world-wide success. Things are off to a good start for Stojan Rudan. Wondermags recently won €50,000 ... arrow

 Published 11.05.2015

How to change direction

Careers: If you want to switch into an entirely new type of job, get serious about your prospects and get prepared to sell yourself. Who doesn’t dream of setting out on a completely new career ... arrow

 Published 08.05.2015

Digital innovation certificate

Careers: A new “smart ICT for business” course launches this autumn. Techies looking to boost their “smart ICT” skills and become a digital strategist or innovation manager might want to ... arrow

 Published 30.04.2015

Creating a LIST of links

Innovation: The incoming head of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology talked up the organisation’s and the country’s potential during a European research conference held this week in the ... arrow

 Published 28.04.2015

Bankruptcy bill stalled?

Legal: Work continues on updating Luxembourg’s company laws, the justice minister has said. A reform of the Luxembourg’s bankruptcy law is still in progress, members of the American Chamber of ... arrow

 Published 28.04.2015

1-1-1 company: what type of firm?

Entrepreneurship: Learning from the experience of neighbouring countries, the so-called “simplified sàrl” is only meant to help certain types of new companies, Luxembourg’s justice minister has ... arrow

 Published 28.04.2015

Responsible leadership

Funds: The Grand Duchy’s fund sector is trying to cut through “greenwashing” with a new report. Luxembourg is the European leader in “responsible investment funds”. Good news, because ... arrow

 Published 22.04.2015

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Editorial: Luxembourg needs the “simplified Sàrl”. arrow

 Published 21.04.2015

Research wish LIST

Innovation: Luxembourg hosts a big technology transfer confab next week. “The research environment has changed and the stakes are high,” according to Marc Lemmer, chief innovation and ... arrow

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