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 Published 27.08.2015

2.5% pay rise coming soon says deputy PM

Cost of living: An “indexation” of salaries and pensions is still planned for the end of the year, Étienne Schneider has said. Despite falling oil prices, workers in the Grand Duchy will see a cost ... arrow

 Published 25.08.2015

The buck stops here

Money: Why do we say “bucks” when we mean “euros”? Or is it “euro”? “Did he just say ‘that cost me 20 bucks’ when he was referring to 20 euros?” Yes, sporadically, some ... arrow

 Published 19.08.2015

RBS sells Luxembourg funds business to private ...

Finance: After five months on the market, the British bank has found a buyer for its Grand Duchy asset management unit. LONDON (Reuters) - British state-backed lender Royal Bank of Scotland ... arrow

 Published 23.07.2015

“Brexit” fears haunt London’s roaring trade in ...

Europe: What would happen to Britain’s financial centre if it left the EU? LONDON (Reuters) - If there is a symbol of British ambivalence to Europe then it may be the euro itself. The capital of ... arrow

 Published 21.07.2015

Hacker heaven?

Exclusive: Luxembourg has high rate of “DOWNAD” infections, says a computer security firm, even though a solution has been available for the past… seven years. The Grand Duchy has a huge number of ... arrow

 Published 16.07.2015

Germany’s Schaeuble still thinks temporary Grexit ...

Europe: The German finance minister will pursue the 3rd Greek bailout but remains opposed to a debt haircut. BERLIN (Reuters) - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he would submit a ... arrow

 Published 16.07.2015

ESM’s Regling warns of Greek banking system ...

Europe: The head of the Luxembourg-based euro zone rescue agency has said there could be “grave consequences” without a 3rd bailout of Greece’s main banks. BERLIN (Reuters) - The head of the European ... arrow

 Published 16.07.2015

ECB to weigh funding boost for Greece

Europe: The euro zone’s central bank may boost support for troubled Greek financial institutions. FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Greece's approval of a bailout deal overnight could persuade the European ... arrow

 Published 09.07.2015

Where to find a bargain in the region

Consumer: Many identical goods are less expensive just across the border. So where do you look? Some things are cheaper in Belgium, France and Germany than in the Grand Duchy. In the summer 2015 ... arrow

 Published 01.07.2015

Capital controls mean Greeks can click, but not ...

E-commerce: Payment restrictions have cut Greece off from the likes of Amazon and Apple, as well as international airlines. LONDON (Reuters) - Monday was the day the music died for thousands of song ... arrow

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