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 Published 22.04.2015

34th in world, 9th in western Europe: price survey

Consumer prices: Over the past 12 months the cost of living in the Grand Duchy’s capital has decreased relative to other international cities (or at least other places have gotten more expensive), an ... arrow

 Published 22.04.2015

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Editorial: Luxembourg needs the “simplified Sàrl”. arrow

 Published 22.04.2015

Changing career

Media: Is it ever too late to change professional paths? These Luxembourg residents have made some big breaks. Almost unthinkable for their parent’s generation, a dramatic shift in career holds ... arrow

 Published 21.04.2015

Research wish LIST

Innovation: Luxembourg hosts a big technology transfer confab next week. “The research environment has changed and the stakes are high,” according to Marc Lemmer, chief innovation and ... arrow

 Published 17.04.2015

Luxembourg 2015 exporting lion: survey

Economy: Luxembourg will be one of the top global trade winners this year, says a big news and data agency. The Grand Duchy will be the 14th best global exporter out of 75 economies this year, a ... arrow

 Published 15.04.2015

Serious suitors for RBS unit: source

Finance: Royal Bank of Scotland hopes potential acquirer of its Luxembourg fund management outfit preserves jobs, while no solid steps have been made in the sale of the other half of its Grand Duchy ... arrow

 Published 14.04.2015

E-commerce from Luxembourg? “Only if…”

Innovation: Financial services are the biggest e-commerce opportunity for startups in the Grand Duchy, says one of the country’s leading venture capitalists. This country remains a great place from ... arrow

 Published 10.04.2015

Europe’s huge gulf in labour costs

Friday fact file: Wages, benefits and charges vary widely across the EU; a data firm illustrates how Luxembourg compares with the rest of the bloc. In 2014, hourly expenditure on labour across the ... arrow

 Published 09.04.2015

Amazon gives 1st interview

E-commerce: The Seattle-based firm has run its EU business from Luxembourg for more than a decade but has never actively spoken with the press here… until last week. E-commerce and digital media ... arrow

 Published 07.04.2015

More data protection for “internet of things”

Carte blanche: Smart, connected devices are increasingly popular, but firms need to make sure their privacy policies are up to scratch and their customers fully informed, writes Catherine Di Lorenzo. ... arrow

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