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 Published 06.02.2015

Faster French connections in the works

Travel: Luxembourg’s infrastructure minister said train travel time to Strasbourg will be cut in half and, potentially, to Marseille by a fifth in the spring of 2016. Train travel time between ... arrow

 Published 30.01.2015

Monorail idea rebuked

Regional mobility: Luxembourg’s infrastructure ministry has said a French suggestion for connecting the park and rides in Grand Duchy’s capital and Thionville is “not an option”. The Grand ... arrow

 Published 19.12.2014

It’s all downhill from here

Kids: It’s closer, cheaper and safer than the Alps--and you can still have fondue! Welcome to France’s largest indoor ski piste, which takes about as long to drive to as it takes to ski down Mont ... arrow

 Published 26.05.2014

Too big French trains not running in Luxembourg

Transport: Commuter trains from Lorraine are not part of the multi-mullion euro railway blunder revealed last week. The French train order blunder uncovered last week will not impact cross-border ... arrow

 Published 21.05.2014

TGV to Marseille possible, says CFL chief

Travel: The French national railway has proposed launching direct high speed train service between Luxembourg and the south of France. Direct high speed train service between the Grand Duchy and the ... arrow

 Published 14.12.2012

French were right, ECJ says

Europe: France has won its dispute with the European Parliament over Strasbourg sessions before the EU’s top court. The European Parliament has lost its legal fight to combine two plenary sessions ... arrow

 Published 03.12.2012

Rescue fund downgraded

Sovereign debt: One of the three main global rating agencies has cut the top-notch credit score of Luxembourg’s two euro zone bailout funds. Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the credit ... arrow

 Published 28.09.2012

France must give asylum seekers allowance

Legal: EU member states are responsible for providing minimum social payments to refugees as long as they remain inside the country, the European Court of Justice has ruled. Under Europe’s ... arrow

 Published 13.03.2012

Sarkozy border threat

Politics: The French president has called for a revision to the Schengen Agreement, which allows for the free movement of people around the Greater Region and much of Europe. Speaking at a major ... arrow

 Published 16.01.2012

EFSF may be hit by S&P downgrade

Sovereign debt: The euro zone’s bailout fund may see a dramatic rise in its cost of borrowing following Standard & Poor’s downgrade of several countries’ debt scores on Friday. The US-based firm ... arrow

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