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Cinema from Wednesday 21 January

Watch Oscar contender

“The Theory Of Everything”, James Marsh’s biopic of Stephen Hawking has been nominated for several Oscars.

Watch Oscar contender

“The Theory Of Everything” traces Hawking’s life from the moment he meets his future wife Jane (on whose book the film is based) and in particular the scientist’s gradual physical decline as motor neuron disease grips his body at the same time as his brain starts to develop brilliant theories that will change the way we think about the universe.

Hawking is played mesmerizingly by Eddie Redmayne, who is a strong favourite in the best actor category at the upcoming Oscars, having already bagged a Golden Globe. Felicity Jones as Jane is also up for a best actress Oscar and the film is also nominated for Best Picture.

A life-affirming film, Marsh and screenwriter Anthony McCarten cleverly develop the romance between Hawking and Jane while simultaneously making the scientist’s complex theories accessible to audiences.

Justin Chang in Variety sums up the film succinctly, saying “The Theory of Everything” is a “stirring and bittersweet love story, inflected with tasteful good humour, that can’t help but recall earlier disability dramas like ‘My Left Foot’ and ‘The Diving Bell’ and the Butterfly.”

Just watching the trailer is enough to have audiences grabbing for the Kleenex.

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The Theory of Everything

Drama, GB, 122 min
Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior
Director(s): James Marsh


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