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Ten things to do

TED talk Saturday April 26

Book TEDx UBIWiltz

TED, the world famous concept organisation well known for its talks and conferences is bringing one of its projects to Luxembourg in the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”.

Book TEDx UBIWiltz

Through its ‘TEDx’ programme, TED is allowing the United Business Institutes (UBI) Luxembourg to host an independent event: a series of talks by guest speakers from around the world with the theme of “Is perception everything?”

From Aikido to lobbying, venture capital and even handwriting analysis, the subjects of the talks are sure to make for a highly interesting event, allowing the audience to decide just how important perception is to us. 

Booking are now being taken for the TEDxUBIWiltz event, with tickets priced at €29 per person.

The event takes place on Saturday April 26 from 12-6pm, at the UBI campus. 

UBI Campus, Chateau de Wiltz, Luxembourg


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3D

Action, US, 142 min
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx
Director(s): Marc Webb


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