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Local business expo Sunday 29 March

Find cool brands

There are lots of entrepreneurial Nordic women in Luxembourg and you catch many of them in one place this weekend.

Find cool brands

Around 25 firms run by Nordic women in the Grand Duchy will promote their products and services when the Nordic Women’s Club of Luxembourg hosts its first “Nordic women in business” exposition on Sunday afternoon.

It is “a unique opportunity to discover Luxembourg based businesses managed by women originating from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden,” the group says.

Exhibitors include establishments from the restaurant Danish Deli and Bluebird interior designers to children’s fashion shop The Fairy and Stine Bülow, a jeweler whose work is pictured above.

The objective is “to promote the Nordics who are entrepreneurs” in the Grand Duchy and also to show there are plenty of women business owners in Luxembourg and that “not all Nordics are working in the banking sector”, says one of the organisers, Kristel Weinreich.

The 41 year old NWC has about 300 members, mostly but not all originally from Nordic countries.

The expo is open from 2pm to 6pm, with fashion shows at 3pm and 5pm.

For further information, contact Gigja Birgisdottir ([email protected]) and Kristel Weinreich ([email protected]) or check NWC’s Facebook page.

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