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Music Saturday 13 December

Get your Klacken out

The Luxembourg Red Cross brings its centenary year to an end with a charity concert in support of the Fondation Thierry van Werveke.

Get your Klacken out

“D’Keess op an d’Klacken eraus” (open up the cash register and hand over the money) is one of the typically memorable lines spoken by the late Luxembourg actor Thierry van Werveke in Andy Bausch’s cult film Troublemaker.

Van Werveke went on to star in films, TV series and in theatre both at home and abroad, but sadly died at the age of 50 in January 2009. His widow Danièle and friends and colleagues from the world of film, theatre and music have kept alive his memory with the Fondation Thierry van Werveke, which aims to help socially disadvantaged youngsters and also to encourage young people starting a career in the theatre, cinema or music--as well as acting, Thierry was a passionate rock singer and frontman of band Nazz Nazz. 

The foundation held its first charity concert in 2001, and this second edition features a wealth of Luxemburg and locally based musicians. The line up includes Daniel Balthasar, Petra Lisa Bernard, Marc Bonert (Dirty Crows), Matt Dawson, Luke Haas, Patrick Kieffer (No Name), Lyne Kuffer, Philipp Noppeney (Five Cent Cones), Isaac Roosevelt (Funky P), Gollo Steffen, Serge Tonnar and Louis Wright (Surf Cowboys).

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