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Music Monday August 25

See Warpaint debut

Frustratingly inconsistent Californian girl band Warpaint have been both hailed as the ultimate in cool and consequently disregarded as too blatantly hip.

See Warpaint debut

Cool as you like all-girl band Warpaint plays its first ever Luxembourg show at den Atelier. The band’s debut album The Fool was praised for showcasing the group’s “inexplicable and fascinating” (Pitchfork) chemistry, but they were slated on their self-titled follow-up for being too “stylishly presented”.  Indeed, The band appears to have over-indulged in what Kitty Empire in The Observer calls “will o' the wisp formlessness.”

However, others have praised the album for its intricacies and atmospherics and admire the band’s bravura when jamming during their live shows. Rebecca Nicholson in The Observer remarked, “When the four women gather around the drum riser, each reacting to what the other is doing, and improvising towards a thrilling racket, it's hard to think of a better live band.”

Den Atelier, rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg-Gare


Guardians of the Galaxy 3D

Action, US, 122 min
Cast: Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel
Director(s): James Gunn


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