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Music Wednesday 22 October

Get Calibro 35

Regular visitors to Luxembourg--they played the sadly defunct d-qliq--Calibro 35 are a hipsters dream. But we mean that in a good way.

Get Calibro 35

Calibro 35 started back in 2007 when producer Tommaso Colliva invited four Italian musicians to the omniaB studios in Milan to record classic compositions from the soundtracks of the golden age of Italian crime film. The band jammed on tracks by the likes of Morricone, Bacalov, Micalizzi and Trovajoli. Colliva’s aim was to bring something contemporary to the compositions but still remaining respectful to the originals.

The experiment worked and the band started touring a few months later- its first ever gigs were in Luxemburg and Belgium before returning to Italy for a series of successful shows during spring and summer 2008.

Calibro 35 (photo by Alice Pedroletti) has since released four full-length albums and now plays a cool and funky, if slightly psychedelic live set that includes original compositions as well as those interpretations of classic gems from Italian soundtracks repertoire.

This could be the coolest live show of the year. Local DJ Kuster Beaton provides support.

Kulturfabrik, rue du Luxembourg, Esch-Alzette


The November Man

Action, 1, US, 108 min
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko, Luke Bracey
Director(s): Roger Donaldson


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