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Microfinance conference Monday September 1

Learn about student aid

Are educational loans to low income students changing the face of Latin America?

Learn about student aid

Can affordable student loans create a new generation of professionals and improve economies in the developing world?

That is the topic of “Microfinance and educational credit: A promising alliance?”, a conference organised by the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund and Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg this coming Monday.

Microfinance aims to provide credit to low income populations without access to traditional financial services and who need a leg-up, with the aim of the funder breaking even or turning a small profit on the investment.

The LMDF said that as of June 30 it has invested more than €12 million in microfinance projects in 18 countries.

Next week’s event begins with a presentation by Juan Carlos Pereira, head of the Costa Rica-based Higher Education Finance Fund, which provides financing for student loans across Latin America.

It continues with a panel talk including Pereira and other HEFF board members, and Carlos Escobar, an investment manager at Norfund (the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries).

The conference takes place between 5 and 6 p.m. Register before Friday August 29 by sending an email to Jennifer Urbain ([email protected]).

Maison de la Microfinance, 39 rue Glesener, Luxembourg-Gare

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