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Theatre Thursday 21 & Friday 22 May

See cunning show

Renowned theatre company Reckless Sleepers, based in Manchester and Ghent, brings its acclaimed production of “Schrödinger” to Luxembourg.

See cunning show

If you enjoy challenging but entertaining theatre, then we highly recommend “Schrödinger”, a “visually mesmerizing…cunning, comic and resonant show” by UK-Belgium theatre company Reckless Sleepers.

It tackles Schröder’s famous theory about the cat in the box being both alive and dead at the same time. The Times called the show “absurd, even dangerous, but vital.”

But let’s allow the company itself to describe what goes on during the show: “On stage is a box with hatches and doors. It can be the box where the cat is locked up or an experimental chamber. The chamber is populated by a group of experimenters/artists, trying to conduct research into immeasurable theories. Schrödinger is about thought experiments, cats, René Magritte, love, time, mathematics, observations, truth, lies and alcohol.”

The show was first performed in 1998 and is revived here under the direction of its author Mole Wetherell, who also performs in the piece. Pascal Daman and Janine Goedert provide an introduction to the play at 7.30 p.m. before each performance.

Grand Théâtre, Rond-Point Schuman, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

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