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Film Thursday 11 September to Sunday 14 September

See Movie Days films

The Utopia group’s Movie Days celebration is not just about watching films on the cheap, it allows audiences to sneak a preview of upcoming releases.

See Movie Days films

For four days this week audiences attending screenings at the Utopolis cinemas in Kirchberg and Belval and the Utopia in Limpertsberg will pay just €4 to watch a film.

The Movie Days event is more than just a thank you from the cinema to its customers though, it is a celebration of new film featuring one-off sneak preview showings of ten movies ahead of general release.

The selection includes a handful of French language films, the new Simon Pegg starrer Hector And The Search For Happiness (decried by The Guardian as “scarcely more substantial than Eat Pray Love.”), Frank Miller’s Sin City sequel A Dame To Kill For, new Pierce Brosnan thriller The November Man and the cinematic release of Michael Winterbottom’s semi-documentary travelogue The Trip To Italy starring Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in a series of foodie adventures on the trail of the romantic poets Shelley and Byron.

Delano’s choice for Movie Days are two understated thrillers featuring charismatic performances from their leading men. The late Philip Seymour Hoffman is the star of Anton Corbijn’s latest, A Most Wanted Man. Set in Hamburg and based on a John Le Caré novel, the film is an espionage thriller that, in the words of Variety’s Justin Chang, “casts a cynical yet compassionate eye on the complexities of counterterrorist work.”

Like Corbijn’s film, Steven Knight’s Locke places intelligent plot above visual action. Indeed, the film takes place entirely in a BMW being driven by protagonist Ivan Locke, spellbindingly played by Tom Hardy (photo) from Birmingham to London. Through phone calls to his family, his boss and a woman lying in hospital we learn about the decision he has made that while unraveling his life is also a matter of taking responsibility for his actions.

Utopolis, ave JF Kennedy, Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Utopolis Belval, ave du Rock’n’Roll, Esch-Belval

Ciné Utopia, ave du Faïencerie, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg


Sin City: A dame to kill for 3D

Action, US, 102 min
Cast: Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke
Director(s): Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller


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