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Watch Black Harvest

Luxembourg documentary maker Jean-Louis Schuller has chosen another fascinating subject for his latest film.

Watch Black Harvest

Jean-Louis Schuller’s “Black Harvest” was first screened at Luxembourg City Film Festival. It now gets a general release in local cinemas. The film takes a look at oil exploitation in North Dakota, when fracking technology allowed companies to set up drill platforms across the vast parries and small communities became boom towns almost overnight.

Schuller, who co-directs with American Sean Clark, focuses on the personal stories of two men--Doug, who has travelled from Montana to find work and John, a cattle farmer whose existence is threatened by the encroaching drilling fields.

Beautifully shot--Schuller has won prizes for his cinematography--“Black Harvest” is a surprisingly moving, very human film that doesn’t hammer home any particular message but elicits buckets of empathy for both of its main characters.

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The Martian 3D

Thriller, Action, US, 141 min
Cast: Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, Kate Mara
Director(s): Ridley Scott


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