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Theatre Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 January

See civil rights drama

The American Drama Group Europe pays one of its regular visits to Luxembourg next week.

See civil rights drama

Written by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith, “American Dreams and Nightmares” tells the story of Martin Luther King and the struggle for racial equality in the USA.

Focusing on the final day of King’s life, it reflects on the civil rights leader’s troubles as he stands on the balcony of a Memphis motel. King looks back on key moments in the civil rights movement, including the famous Rosa Parks stand against segregated bus seats and the Selma voter registration marches (the subject of current Oscar-nominated movie).

But, five years after his inspiring and iconic “I have a dream” speech, King faces mounting problems. Liberal allies in government have deserted him for his opposition to Vietnam, Malcolm X and his followers have accused him of selling out to the white establishment, his own staff fear he has lost direction, and above all his creed of non-violence is mocked and outflanked by extremists and those who simply see it as a form of surrender.

“Meanwhile the scheming Edgar Hoover of the FBI holds a dossier on his private life that might be released to the press and president any day now with heaven knows what effect on his reputation...”

The play is performed on Monday and Tuesday evening, but performances for schools are also scheduled for 11 a.m. on both days.

Neimënster, rue Munster, Luxembourg-Grund

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