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Health talk Thursday 25 September

Get healthy

A health and nutrition group has invited Gareth Edwards BSc., alkaline diet nutritionist and blood microscopist, to give a talk on improving energy.

Get healthy

Exclusive to Luxembourg, Gareth Edwards will explain how the foods we select and the way that we prepare them can have a direct impact on our energy, health and wellbeing.

This is a unique opportunity to hear Edwards outline the principles that he has used to help thousands of clients take charge of their health in a fun, creative and enjoyable way.

Edwards first developed an interest in nutritional therapy when a change in dietary habits helped him overcome a serious personal health challenge at the age of 21. Now 46 and after seven years of practice as a nutritional therapist, Gareth helps people to use straightforward diet, hydration and lifestyle changes to make dramatic shifts in their personal health.

The talk starts at 7.30 p.m. and entrance costs €15. More information can be obtained from Marette O’Rourke on tel. 621 348 115.

Club Haus Am Becheler, 15A am Becheler, Bereldange

Photo by Flickr user Luxembourg belge/Creative Commons (2010)


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