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Music Friday July 18

Hear Buena Vista

The Wiltz festival continues its programme with a show by the Pasion de Buena Vista.

Hear Buena Vista

Latin and especially Cuban music has never looked back since German film director introduced it to a wider audience with his film Buena Vista Social Club.

In the film and the Buena Vista musicians spawned a host of imitators and tribute acts, many just as good if not better than the originals. Thus the Pasion de Buena Vista touring group comes to Wiltz with singers Sotto Victor-Antunez, who has performed with legendary Buena Vista star Ibrahim Ferrer, and Lisbet Castillo-Montenegro.

The show not only features the more down-to-earth authenticity of singers performing laments and telling stories through their music, but also the joyful colour and magic of full blown costumed choreography.

Château de Wiltz, Wiltz


Step Up: All In 3D

Drama, US, 111 min
Cast: Ryan Guzman, Alyson Stoner, Briana Evigan
Director(s): Trish Sie


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