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Music Monday 23 March

Hear Underworld special

Electro pioneers Underworld bring perform their debut album in its entirety in a special anniversary show.

Hear Underworld special

The pioneering electro duo of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde, better known as Underworld, return to den Atelier some 10 years after their first show in Luxembourg.

They will be at the venue for a special performance of debut album dubnobasswithmyheadman, which was released some 20 years ago. The tour follows a one-off anniversary performance last October at the Royal Festival Hall that proved so popular the dup decided to take it on the road. A remastered re-issue of the album was released at the same time.

Dubnobasswithmyheadman was hugely influential upon its release in 1994 and remains a landmark record, with many hailing it as the moment that club culture finally came of age. It is “a visionary collection of tracks” that captured the zeitgeist of the UK in 1994, just as it was about the become Cool Britannia. But, as Chris Todd on thelineofbestfit says, very few other albums celebrating their second decade “sound as contemporary, or have as much of an influence on current music.”

If that wasn’t enough, as an added bonus, the Festival Hall gig ended with a tune that is not on the 1994 album, namely 1996 single ‘Born Slippy NUXX.’ Made famous in Boyle’s Trainspotting, it will surely whip the Atelier crowd into a finalé frenzy.

Den Atelier, rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg-Gare

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Thriller, US, 104 min
Cast: Will Smith, Rodrigo Santoro, Margot Robbie
Director(s): Glenn Ficarra, John Requa


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