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Storytelling Friday 21 November

Hear Song of Selkie

UK storytelling laureate Katrice Horsley comes to Neimënster to deliver workshops, but also a public performance of her art.

Hear Song of Selkie

As part of Neimënster’s “Festival Contes sans Frontières”, UK storyteller Katrice Horsley will be in Luxembourg to host two workshops for kids and a public performance.

For the latter, she has chosen her masterpiece, Song of The Selkie, which weaves music, poetry and words into a breath-taking tale of love, betrayal, ghosts and a blind storyteller who uncovers a secret.

Horsely says she first discovered a talent for storytelling in the playgrounds of her native Birmingham while working in child play and development, and later when she lived and worked in Ghana for six years where she saw stories “alive and breathing, not fossilised in the pages of a book.”

In 2012 she was named as the UK’s National Storytelling Laureate and is now coming to the end of her two-year tenure in that role.

Neimënster, rue Munster, Luxembourg-Grund


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4, US, 108 min
Cast: Kevin Spacey, Chris Pine, Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Christoph Waltz, Charlie Day
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