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Family challenge Saturday 5 September

Sign for Discover Lux

Discover Luxembourg is a fun and educational day out that will bond family and friends.

Sign for Discover Lux

The Discover Luxembourg challenge involves teams of four who follow directions in English, French or German to discover different aspects of Luxembourg City, such as culture, history, technology and gastronomy. Along the course the teams compete in challenges to win points, with prizes for the winning teams.

Teams can choose between doing the Family Route (5-6 km) or the Corporate Route (8-10 km). The challenges can involve physical and sports activities, tastings, interactive quizzes or simply identifying local products or landmarks. But they are adapted so that along the course all team members, no matter what age or physical condition, get to have a go at one or more challenges.

Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear and bring protection against the elements. The Family Route is appropriate for families with buggies or pushchairs, as it usually has no (or very few) steps.

Proceeds go to a different charity every year. The 2015 recipient is palliative care organization Omega 90.

The event starts at around 1 p.m. and will finish at around 8 p.m..

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