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Dance Friday 17 October

Don’t miss Frauentanz

Jean-Guillaume Weis’s exhilarating and moving “Frauentanz” is reprised in Esch for a one-off performance.

Don’t miss Frauentanz

Luxembourg choreographer Jean-Guillaume Weis’s Frauentanz takes the same formula as the 2012 Männertanz show, in which male dancers expressed their connection to the world of dance.

This time, the show is seen from the perspective of ten female dancers who demonstrate why they feel it is necessary for them to dance. Weis, who says he enjoyed growing up with artistic women, spent two months working in workshop mode with the dancers, who hail from France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Each dancer brings a different background to the show, and each contributes their personal story to the narrative, which results in a compelling view of dance and the motivation of dancers.

Frauentanz is a beautiful and graceful, witty and exhilarating show that should not be missed.

Théâtre Municipal, 120 r. de l’Alzette, Esch-Alzette



Action, 5, 1, US, 134 min
Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman
Director(s): David Ayer


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