10 things to do: 30 May to 5 June

Peter Fox, Interpol, De Läb & Nicool, Gretel Hänlyn, Blond, Lime Garden, Mayberg and Listentojules are some of the performers at the Usina open-air festival on 3-4 June. Photo: Shutterstock

Peter Fox, Interpol, De Läb & Nicool, Gretel Hänlyn, Blond, Lime Garden, Mayberg and Listentojules are some of the performers at the Usina open-air festival on 3-4 June. Photo: Shutterstock

Embark on a multifaceted journey to explore Ukrainian art, design, culture and traditions, immerse yourself in a music festival, indulge in an array of family-friendly fun, food and drinks at the Ramborn Cider Haff, experience the nostalgic charm of boarding an old train and more--Delano has picked 10 things for you to do in the coming days and weeks.

Designing Stereotypes: The Role of Racist Narratives

Category: Art 🗓 Wednesday 31 May📍Cercle Cité

Austrian diversity expert Maryam Laura Moazedi will discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in today's society in connection with the exhibition “Donald made in Austria.” More details.

UA Days 2023

Category: Culture 🗓 Thursday 1 June to Thursday 15 June📍Various

Discover Ukrainian art, design, culture and traditions through events, exhibitions and fashion shows in Luxembourg. More details.

Supercomputing Thursday: Unicorns in the future job market

Category: Webinar 🗓 Thursday 1 June📍Online

During the third installation of the Supercomputing Thursdays series on education and training for future high-performance computing (HPC) experts, experts will talk about whether the industry needs specialists, explore how industry and academia can collaborate, and discuss how HPC specialists can help accelerate Europe’s digital transformation. More details.

Information Security Education Day

Category: Conference 🗓 Friday 2 June📍Belval

The eighth annual ISED will take place on 2 June in Belval, with the theme “Social Engineering and Online Deception.” More details.

Solar for the Senses

Category: Seminar 🗓 Friday 2 June📍Casino Luxembourg

Listen to Pauline van Dongen, award-winning designer and researcher working on the intersection of textiles and technology, speak about “solar garments” and rethinking our engagement with solar energy. More details.

Musical gardens 2023

Category: Social event 🗓 Friday 2 June to Sunday 4 June📍Various

This year’s edition of Rendez-vous aux jardins promotes the links between music and landscapes. More details.

Flying Mercury by Tina Gillen

Category: Festival 🗓 Saturday 3 June to Sunday 4 June📍Esch-sur-Alzette

Luxembourg artist Tina Gillen presents a new exhibition, designed for the space of the Konschthal in Esch, reflecting on 20 years of her career and placing older works in dialogue with new creations. More details.

Usina23 open-air festival

Category: Music 🗓 Saturday 3 June to Sunday 4 June📍Dudelange

Enjoy international acts, local talents, street performers, entertainers, arts and culture at this music festival. More details.

World Cider Day 2023

Category: Food & drink 🗓 Saturday 3 June to Sunday 4 June📍Born

Enjoy a weekend of fun, food and drinks for the whole family at the Ramborn Cider Haff. More details.

Cockerill’s Day: Let’s go British

Category: Social event 🗓 Sunday 4 June📍Minnett Park

Part of the Train 1900’s association is a Cockerill 502 locomotive by Belgian-British engineer John Cockerill, which will be out for a spin on 4 June. There will also be a Routemaster double decker bus, a red phone booth and other UK classics, including--of course--tea and other refreshments. More details.