The Domaine L&R Kox won two gold medals in this year’s competition Library photo: Maison Moderne Publishing

The Domaine L&R Kox won two gold medals in this year’s competition Library photo: Maison Moderne Publishing

Crémants from Luxembourg won 19 gold medals and six silver medals at France’s 31 national competition dedicated to the sparkling wines.

The “Concours National des Crémants” took place earlier this month and includes wines from different regions in France as well as Luxembourg.

The competitors from the grand duchy took home 19 gold medals, with wineries Caves Gales, Domaine Viticole Pundel-Hoffeld, Poll-Fabaire, Domaines Vinsmoselle, Domaine L&R Kox, Caves St Martin and Caves St Remy-Desom taking home the top award for a selection of their crémants.

Domaines Vinsmoselle, makers of the Poll-Fabaire brand, took home the most awards of any single winery winning six gold and two silver medals. Another four silver medals were awarded to Caves St Remy-Desom and the Domaine Viticole Pundel-Hoffeld.

The full list of winners is .

Judges included winemakers, oenologists, representatives from the hospitality sector as well as journalists.

Luxembourg produces around 3.5 million bottles of crémant annually.