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3 concerts to (re)discover Mozart at the Philharmonie

3 concerts to (re)discover Mozart at the Philharmonie Photo : Philharmonie

3 concerts to (re)discover Mozart at the Philharmonie Photo : Philharmonie

“O Mozart! Immortal Mozart! What countless impressions of a brighter, better life hast thou stamped upon our souls!”  Well, that’s what you call enthusiasm. But let’s bet the team at the Philharmonie can do even better than Franz Schubert’s elated tribute. How, may you ask? By featuring classical music’s favourite prodigy in no less than three different concerts this month alone! 

Whether it’s from Miloš Forman’s infamous 1984 Amadeus, a box of fresh Mozartkugel (you know, those terribly addictive ball-shaped Viennese delicacies), or simply your cell phone’s ringtone, one thing is sure: you’ve definitely heard Mozart before. You may have even already listened to every entry in the famous Köchel catalogue for all you know! 

There’s no denying it: in classical as in pop culture, within the walls of our concert halls and beyond, Mozart is omnipresent. But could it be that we are losing sight of him as a result? How can we refresh our perspective on a composer so frequently heard, recorded and performed, and bring our appreciation up to “Schubertian” levels? 

In September, the Philharmonie opens three avenues for (re)discovering the Viennese master. Each time, he is paired with a different “travelling companion”; another artist who contrasts with him both stylistically and historically. From this encounter emerge exciting new interpretive possibilities and listening experiences. 

The journey begins with the adventurous avant-gardist György Ligeti on a star-studded evening that will see one of France’s leading symphony orchestras and two fearless soloists take the stage. We then move on to Schubert right in time for the September equinox and with a great programme. Literally. The two symphonies you’ll hear performed - one by Mozart and one by Schubert - are in fact both nicknamed “The Great”! Finally, three members of the Luxembourg Philharmonic will invite you to discover Wolfgang Amadeus’ best-kept secret: his undying love for Johann Sebastian Bach, which resulted in a series of virtuosic transcriptions. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear a rare score come to life. 

Bach, Schubert, Ligeti: this month at the Philharmonie, Mozart and his audience are most certainly in good company! And if you’re already in for more, watch out for the iconic Requiem coming up in November. Visit to find out more. 

Program :

18.09. «Les Siècles: de Mozart à Ligeti»

György Ligeti: Concert Românesc

György Ligeti: Concerto pour violon

Wolfgang A. Mozart: Klavierkonzert N° 23 KV 488

Wolfgang A. Mozart: Symphonie N° 41 KV 551 «Jupiter»

21.09. «Mozart & Schubert: Symphonic Milestones»

Wolfgang A. Mozart: Symphonie N° 40 KV 550

Franz Schubert: Symphonie N° 8 D 944 «Große»

24.09. «Theresienstadt» 

Wolfgang A. Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach: Präludien und Fugen KV 404: N° 1

Leó Weiner: Trio à cordes en sol mineur op. 60

Hans Krása: Passacaglia et Fugue pour trio à cordes

Gideon Klein: Streichtrio

Wolfgang A. Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach: Präludien und Fugen KV 404: N° 5

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