3D printers made in Luxembourg

An employee pieces together a 3D printer at the Anisoprint manufacture facility in Luxembourg Anisoprint

An employee pieces together a 3D printer at the Anisoprint manufacture facility in Luxembourg Anisoprint

A Luxembourg-based 3D printer manufacturer has received the seal of approval from the country’s chamber of commerce.

Anisoprint, which moved its manufacturing operations to Luxembourg in 2020, shipped its first composite printers with the “Made in Luxembourg” label, after meeting the required standards.

The firm previously outsourced its manufacture process but challenges in management, quality control and reaching deadlines, especially during the covid-19 pandemic, pushed it to bring manufacture in-house, in Belval, next to its head office.

“We spared no pains to find the best solution for a manufacturing facility and find professionals who are willing to contribute their expertise for making the quality of the machines even higher and live up to the expectations of our customers”, CEO Fedor Antonov said in a press release issued on Tuesday. 

According to analysis from research group Markets and Markets, the global 3D printing market is expected to grow from $12.6b in 2021 to $34.8b in 2026. Its growth in the last 18 months has been largely driven by demand for healthcare supplies during the pandemic. However, industry is its principle driver, with growth expected in smart manufacture, robotics, industrial services and cloud applications.

Anisoprint’s 3D printers make continuous fiber reinforced plastic parts that can substitute metal ones in aerospace, engineering and many other areas. Its patented continuous fiber coextrusion technology allows to create lattice structures, critical for multimaterial optimisation and production. Such parts are lighter, stronger and cheaper than their metal versions.