Expat Guide 2021-2022

5 weekday lunch tips

Food trucks are all the delicious rage in Luxembourg Maison Moderne Publishing SA

Food trucks are all the delicious rage in Luxembourg Maison Moderne Publishing SA

Arguably, the most important part of any workday is the midday meal. See our insider tips for how to do it right.

Food trucks

They’re here, they’re gone--don’t miss it! Food trucks are all the delicious rage in Luxembourg, from LëtzeBurger to Wok Me Up to Afrikan Gourmet to many more. (Try them all at once at the Eat It festival at the Rotondes.) Get more info via the Snack Track app or the Facebook page of the Luxembourg Food Truck Association.


Foodzilla’s mission is to help you rampage your way through Luxembourg’s eateries. Expert tips, news and recs for where and what to eat. Access the blog on

Order in

Save time/effort by getting your food delivered to your workplace. Check out,,,, and There might be minimum order requirements or delivery fees.

Class it up

RestoDays is a multiweek culinary event in which gourmet restaurants offer menus at wallet-friendly prices. Great opportunity to try out fancy restaurants outside of your routine and to schmooze with your clients. If you’re serious about it, however, you’ll want to plan on a long lunch break and--expert level--shift your afternoon meetings to the following day.

Fight plastic

It’s hard to remain ecologically neutral in this takeout culture of ours, which is where Ecobox comes in. In a bid to help eateries avoid single-use packaging, the company offers reusable containers and cutlery on a return/deposit scheme. Participating restaurants will advertise the logo, a big green circle that says “Ecobox”.