In an LGBTQIA+ scene that has seen better days in Luxembourg, drag queens can set a party alight in less time than it takes to stick on a pair of false eyelashes...  (Photo: EXImages/Alamy Stock Photo)

In an LGBTQIA+ scene that has seen better days in Luxembourg, drag queens can set a party alight in less time than it takes to stick on a pair of false eyelashes...  (Photo: EXImages/Alamy Stock Photo)

After a few lean years, the LGBTQIA+ community is waking up a bit, and places dedicated to the community are filling up. Yasss queen! Here is an overview of Luxembourg's gay festive scene for those who want to come out and go out in the grand duchy.

Proud and proud

The pandemic has naturally put a strain on the organisation of the annual Luxembourg Pride Week for the last two years. It goes without saying that this 2022 edition, which will take place as usual in Esch-sur-Alzette, but this time during , is eagerly awaited by the whole community. Organisers notably include Rosa Lëtzebuerg. An exceptional week for celebration and pride, but also for strong messages, with a finale packed with queer artists on stage during the whole weekend.



Barnum may not be located in the middle of the capital, but what a superb establishment! Hostess, Madame Yoko has remarkable energy and talent as she welcomes her co-stars, sometimes international, as well as her enthusiastic audience. A lighthouse full of glitter for a whole community, which could use more bosses like this brilliant queen.

Not to be missed in the City

After a few successful events organised here and there a few years ago, the Fairytails concept has become a real non-profit organisation creating very popular gay parties, which bring together fans from all over the Greater Region. Davide has been joined by Thibaut, José, Bibi, René and Iva in the management team. And the Lenox, Fairytails' HQ, is often packed full during these sulphurous meetings, punctuated by loud dance sounds and naughty glances.

New in Differdange

Although Luxembourg City has long since been emptied of its friendly gay, lesbian, queer and other bars--which raises a rather blatant fundamental question--some people do not hesitate to try their luck in the south of the country. This is the case of David, who recently opened the DaMA Café in Differdange. Cross-dressing shows and frequent entertainment, with a little atmosphere that is anything but snobbish. The capital should take a leaf out of his book.

Café DaMa: 29, rue Adolphe Krieps, Differdange


The Banana concept was once organised at Knokke Out, which had already tried to stimulate the gay scene with a few relatively confidential parties before the pandemic, but now it has moved a few steps away to the new Grizzly bar, with colourful parties that are unfortunately hard to distinguish from others. There are a few go-go dancers, accompanied by the most flamboyant drag queens of the Grand Duchy. We would appreciate a funkier playlist than the endless dance remix sets and an identity of our own, but Banana at least has the merit of existing, in a capital where we clearly had a much more exciting gay scene in the past.


Finally, in a more cultural approach, Queer Loox and its cycle of screenings organised at Les Rotondes for a few seasons now always offers a feminist, affectionate and sharp look at gender and sexuality issues, especially within the lesbian community...

Nicolas Van Elsué from Rosa Luxembourg, the organisation behind the Luxembourg pride, discusses at length LGBTIQ+ issues in Luxembourg in the latest episode of Delano's podcast Newsmakers including how how straightnormativity has crept in the community. Tune in on , and to find out more about the LGBTI+ community in Luxembourg and the answer to the question: is Luxembourg Pride a protest or a celebration.

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