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6 terraces to tap a holiday romance

Find the right hang-outs in Luxembourg for your kind of love interest thanks to Fabien Rodrigues Shutterstock

Find the right hang-outs in Luxembourg for your kind of love interest thanks to Fabien Rodrigues Shutterstock

Ah, summertime, a time for strappy tops, long drinks and a little holiday romance. To help you, dear reader, land a potential summer romance, Fabien Rodrigues gives the lowdown on terraces to tap. You're welcome and happy holidays!

The make-up blogger

You might think she's solving an equation with two unknowns, but no, let's be honest, the only question this daytime beauty is asking herself is about her 41st Instagram story of the day: semi-duckface or "resting bitch face"? With her double chai latte macchiato (or her glass of crémant if she's a bit funny) on THE terrace to be, she'll keep on eliminating 4 selfies per second. Cheer up, darling!

At the Bazaar (Knuedler, Luxembourg)

The cougar on the prowl

As Omar Sharif would have said, experienced women are your hobby? We understand you! Especially in Luxembourg, where women are confident, not afraid to look good and know exactly where to go to show off their latest handbag (for which they paid a four figure sum) and their intact libido. Aperol Spritz XXL and a pack of Mademoiselle always full on her timeless terrace table, she's just waiting for you to have a memorable night out, cheeky young reader!

At the Brasserie Schuman (Glacis, Luxembourg)

The cigar smoker

Grey hair impeccably lacquered backwards, Porsche/Maserati keys ostensibly laid out next to the Dupont lighter, cigar cutter ready to heat up: beware, he has cancelled his afternoon appointments and intends to fight it out on a nice sunny terrace! Certainly, it’s a cliché, but also sometimes incredibly funny, the wild cigar smoker is a species far from being endangered in the Grand Duchy. 

In Elch (Bertrange)

A non-binary beauty

Generation Z is out and with it the disappearance of binary systems--that was so 2010! Today, everything is a spectrum: sexuality, gender, the “greige” (grey-beige) tones of these "normcore” dungarees, at the same time vintage, because they were found at a kilo sale. So everything is possible, or almost. Are you confused? A few craft beers, vodka-mate or mezcal cocktails should open up your chakras just right to approach and understand this deliciously contemporary beauty a little better!

Au Gudde Wëllen (Plateau du Saint-Esprit, Luxembourg)

A sugar daddy

A grizzled heir, a retired local finance boss who has just divorced his second wife, a dashing widower who still likes good things in moderation: all of them are your potential prey with a flutter of the eyelashes and a seductive chuckle. Because in your early thirties (but you say 28), you have decided on a solution that is as drastic as it is comfortable to ensure your standard of living for years to come: a generous sugar daddy! Go girl, it's now or never!

At the Amélys restaurant (Hotel Royal, Luxembourg)

A young right-wing gay man

After attending a good business school, he landed a very promising first job in a bank or in a big law firm in Kirchberg. He wants the good life, but he has to earn it, and he is not afraid to show off his purchasing power at cocktail parties. On the contrary, he likes to be at the centre of the action and already feels at home in a capital where he can quickly say he knows a minister. And let's be honest, he should get there faster than a young gay leftist... If there are any left!

At the Go Ten (old town, Luxembourg)

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