Partial unemployment

Businesses seek help to pay for staff after floods

There was heavy flooding in Luxembourg on 14 and 15 July © SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

There was heavy flooding in Luxembourg on 14 and 15 July © SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

The Comité de conjuncture, a committee including the government as well as labour unions and employer organisations, granted 734 requests for partial unemployment for next month.

Another 66 companies were given support for staff on reduced hours because of destruction or damage to their production equipment or operating premises as a result of last month’s floods.

The accepted demands for partial unemployment concern 12,518 employees. The Comité de conjoncture approved one plan for retaining work in sector-specific employment, five for the maintaining of individual employment and two others for recovery. The committee also accepted two requests related to early retirement.

The partial unemployment application for cases linked to last month’s floods will no longer be available at Guichet.lu moving forward. For October, explanations and photos proving the impact of the disaster need to be submitted to the Comité de conjoncture by email and employers must show their insurance coverage for lost working hours.

During the partial unemployment period, the state reimburses the affected businesses 80% of the wages normally received by the employees placed on the scheme. However, the compensation allowance must at least correspond to the minimum social wage for unskilled employees.