A new dispatching centre for Creos

Creos had this building built for energy dispatching management. (Photo: Eric Chenal)

Creos had this building built for energy dispatching management. (Photo: Eric Chenal)

The electricity supplier Creos has built a new dispatching centre in Bettembourg. The design of the building was entrusted to the architects of the Beiler François Fritsch office.

The main façade, facing the access road, creates a signal in the landscape. Its dark grey colour contrasts with the blue interior walls of the hollow volumes.

This building houses the dispatching offices, a combined office complex, a workshop and a storage area.

The new site has been positioned to provide a generous space at the rear end of the building for parking, a rainwater retention basin and a strip of green space.

Technical data

Client: Creos Luxembourg

Architect: Beiler François Fritsch

Civil engineers: AuCarré

Technical engineers: Goblet Lavandier & Associés

Completion date: 2020

Net operating area: 1,946m2

Gross floor area: 3,104m2

Environmental certification: DGNB "Gold

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.