Off the rails: Third phase of train station upgrade

The north side of the station is literally without its rails. (Photo: Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne)

The north side of the station is literally without its rails. (Photo: Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne)

Crossing the southern footbridge to Luxembourg’s central train station, there are changes underfoot. In the middle of "phase 3", the modernisation of the station's infrastructure is removing tracks between several platforms.

"This is the continuation of a long process of modernisation of our facilities. In fact, we are taking advantage of the summer period to carry out this work, which consists of removing the rails and switches to make way for new tracks with fewer crossings for the trains. The aim is to make future train traffic more fluid. We are also in the process of extending the platforms to accommodate longer trains," said the CFL communications department.

Phase 3 is due to be completed on 15 September. The work is causing some disruption to rail networks. However, the CFL is working on maintaining the continuity of transport lines and services, notably by means of bus routes.

Impressive images of the country's main railway station, a focal point for six lines and 1,000 daily trains, which has seen an 85% increase in passenger numbers in less than 20 years.

The footbridge takes shape

The €171m-project, in addition to the construction of the new platforms, includes the extension of the underground passageway located under the tracks and the construction of a new footbridge intended to link the station area to the Bonnevoie district.

This footbridge on the north side of the station has been closed since 14 May, but its upgrade is beginning to take shape.

The new access, which will be completed and opened on 13 September, is currently being connected to the rest of the old structure, which belongs to the City of Luxembourg and has two lifts.

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