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Accessibility: Luxembourg among six nominees

The capital of the grand duchy among nominees thanks to its accessible infrastructures.  Photo: Shutterstock

The capital of the grand duchy among nominees thanks to its accessible infrastructures.  Photo: Shutterstock

Luxembourg-city is amongst the six nominees for the Access City Award 2022, the European commission announced on 25 October. Barcelona, Helsinki, Louvain, Palma, Porto and Luxembourg have been nominated for the upcoming edition.

Bumpy streets, cobblestones, a lack of reserved space on public transports, … While most people don’t have to wonder about navigating through a city, this can often be a challenge for people living with a disability. Luxembourg-city, however, appears to take that into consideration, earning itself a spot on the Access City Award 2022 nominee list. The award rewards European cities that have made their infrastructures accessible to all.

Among the 40 candidates and 6 nominees, 3 cities will see themselves “recognised for their efforts to become barrier-free and accessible to people with disabilities.,” says the official statement. The laureates will be announced on 3 December, the European day of persons with disabilities.

The jury looks at several aspects of accessibility, such as “facilitating access for people with disabilities to public and private spaces, including housing, workplaces, public transport, playgrounds and information and communication technologies,” according to the commission’s website.

The city of Luxembourg, in a pamphlet, illustrated the different ways in which it improved its accessibility in terms of mobility. For its citizens, the administration has installed “podotacil markers, buses have been have been fitted with access ramps, screens with audible announcements and buttons with Braille writing,” says Xavier Bettel in the introductory note.

Other measures such as elevators around the central station, for instance, or traffic lights at crossings with lowered pavements to allow people using wheelchairs to navigate the city easier. Most buses in the city also allow users to get on the bus without external intervention, thanks to adapted bus structures.

The grand duchy’s capital had previously been elected best city for disabled travellers in 2019.