“Adapt our way of doing business”: Delano Live

If you were at Delano Live on 14 September, here’s a video of the event. If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed.

Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, and Cindy Tereba, director of international affairs for the Luxembourg Chambre of Commerce, updated us on their vision and goals for the Luxembourg economy at the Delano Live event on 14 September.

The event, sponsored by ING, celebrated the upcoming launch of Delano’s first supplement, focused on international business. During a panel discussion with Delano’s Natalie Gerhardstein both speakers shared their experiences of living and working in international locations, the role their organisations play to help develop business at the international level and how the pandemic has shaped how they work.

And they spoke to Paperjam + Delano Club’s Jim Kent after the panel about some of the challenges Luxembourg is facing when it comes to its economy.