Flood fallout

Airport fuel pipeline interruption

Archive photo shows an air passenger with a suitcase at Luxembourg Airport Photo: Anthony Dehez

Archive photo shows an air passenger with a suitcase at Luxembourg Airport Photo: Anthony Dehez

Planes at Luxembourg’s Findel airport are being refuelled via on-site tankers following a technical problem related to floods on Wednesday and Thursday.

Days of torrential rain not only flooded homes, businesses and transport infrastructure—but also triggered a sensor alarm on the Central European Pipeline System, which was designed to interrupt the flow in case of a leak.

According to the mobility ministry, the network of pipelines, which spans more than 5,000 kilometres, supplies fuel for aircraft taking off and landing at Luxembourg Airport.

The source of the interruption took some time to find because of interruptions to the power supply and telecommunications. The fault was finally detected in the area of Echternacherbrück on 15 July. An investigation found that the pipeline was not damaged. Supply was restored late on the morning of Friday, 16 July.

According to an interview given to RTL (in French), the mobility minister said it would be another two days before planes can refuel at the airport using the pipeline for safety reasons. In the meantime aircraft will refuel using fuel delivered by lorry.