Alexis Fernandes, Account Manager in the Maison Moderne Brand Studio Maison Moderne

Alexis Fernandes, Account Manager in the Maison Moderne Brand Studio Maison Moderne

Combining a sense of communication advisory and sales, Alexis decided to join Maison Moderne in late 2018. Since then, he has been helping companies develop their visibility. With an appetite for the real estate, construction and development sectors, he provides you with his expertise to set up a communication strategy that meets your business challenges.

You are the Lead Media Advisor on the Paperjam+Delano Business Guide, why is DATA quality important to you?

Alexis Fernandez. – «Today, the Paperjam+Delano Business Guide ("Business Accelerator") is the leading business tool in Luxembourg. Present for more than 23 years, it offers a 360 degree view of the economic and institutional landscape of the country. It is therefore essential to check the accuracy of the information relayed as it can be used for various purposes. Business leaders, employees, advertisers and readers can consult the Guide to identify local players, the competition and current trends. Highly appreciated by our clients, it offers the possibility of developing their visibility throughout the year and of communicating directly to the market any information relating to their own company's news (new appointment, rebranding, new postal address....). The quality of the data is even more perceptible in the digital version on the website, as the information can be updated in real time. The advantage of digital is its flexibility.

Share with us the interest for companies to be included in the Paperjam+Delano Business Guide

The Paperjam+Delano Business Guide is sent each year to all Paperjam subscribers as well as to members (companies and institutions) of the Paperjam+Delano Business Club. It is also distributed throughout the year at the Club's events. Published in 20,000 copies, it is also available at newsstands and in bookshops. By definition, it offers a great opportunity to stand out on the market to all companies, associations and institutions that wish to strengthen their brand image and work on their employer branding.

The Guide is a unique medium; with the possibility of working on its communication approach according to different communication formats (column, fact sheet, biography, advertising, etc.)

Like the Club, it is a business accelerator, a true networking platform. As an integral part of an ecosystem, it should be considered a "must have" for all those who wish to strengthen their corporate communication. And the 2024 edition has a few surprises in store for you! 

What is the communication campaign that has made the biggest impression on you?

Generally speaking, I would cite the TV spots of the telecom operator Orange. Their campaigns are based on emotion, optimism and human capital. The group often highlights values such as mutual aid, empathy and proximity in its various communications. During the broadcasting of commercials, the brand wants to carry the story of life experiences; all with delicacy and sobriety. Simplicity is also what characterises the brand's logo with one name = one colour.»