Since its establishment in 1988, the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry has played a pivotal role in promoting and developing the investment fund industry in Luxembourg. To celebrate its growth and achievements over the years, Alfi marked its 35th anniversary on Thursday 6 July 2023.

The association now represents over 1,500 Luxembourg domiciled investment funds, asset management companies and various businesses serving the sector.

These businesses encompass depositary banks, fund administrators, transfer agents, distributors, legal firms, consultants, tax advisory firms, auditors and accountants, as well as specialised IT and communication companies.

Luxembourg, as the largest fund domicile in Europe, holds a prominent position in cross-border fund distribution. With assets under management totaling over €5.2trn, Luxembourg domiciled investment funds are distributed across more than 70 countries worldwide.

To commemorate this milestone, Alfi organised a celebratory event at Melusina on Thursday 6 July.

The occasion was marked with cake, dance and enthusiastic festivities, attended by industry leaders and partners.