Alinéa to move to rue des Capucins

In a few months, Alinéa will move to rue des Capucins, a few metres from its current location. (Photo: Nader Ghavami)

In a few months, Alinéa will move to rue des Capucins, a few metres from its current location. (Photo: Nader Ghavami)

Alinéa is taking a new step. The bookstore, currently located on rue Beaumont, will move to new premises owned by the City of Luxembourg on rue des Capucins. The owner says the shop will be smaller, but the quality will remain.

As of next year, Alinéa will be writing a new chapter in its history. Elmira Najafi, who runs this business in the centre of Luxembourg with her sister Ava, has decided to move the general bookstore to the commercial premises at 30, rue des Capucins. “The area is much smaller, about a third of what we have now, but we will keep the high quality of service we have always had”, explains Elmira.

Rethinking the whole business

The change is being made to give the business a new dynamic. “We realised that if we wanted to make some major changes, we had to change the premises too,” says Elmira Najafi. “Some departments work very well, and others no longer at all. This is the case, for example, with German psychology or travel magazines, whose shelves will be removed in the new bookstore. But, of course, it will still be possible to place orders for books from these sections.

Of course, the bestsellers and specialities of the bookstore, such as French literature, vinyls or the Pléiade section, will still be present. There will also be a wide selection of books in French, German, Luxembourgish and English, as well as the children’s literature section, which will still be present.

Optimising space

"We will work with an interior designer to optimise the 100m2 we have at our disposal. We are also going to think about how best to use the basement of the shop, which is a really beautiful place,” says Elmira Najafi.

We are also considering a partnership with the neighbouring Vis-à-Vis café to offer a literary café, and a new terrace.

The new lease, concluded on a long-term basis with the City of Luxembourg, which owns the premises, should enable Alinéa to move on 1 February if the two sisters find a buyer for the old premises, or on 1 May if this is not the case.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.