Fanny Metz, Co-founder & Head of Professional Services, Domos FS Credit: Domos FS

Fanny Metz, Co-founder & Head of Professional Services, Domos FS Credit: Domos FS

To achieve transparency and robust governance practices, digitalisation stands a crucial success factor for all asset classes within Alternatives, whether for private equity, infrastructure, debt or funds of funds. For optimal results, it is essential that even the most advanced software solutions are accompanied by a well-thought-out implementation strategy and receive continuous investment over the long run.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the implementation of a cutting-edge software solution is not merely a technological upgrade but a strategic imperative. The seamless integration of such a solution holds the key to unlocking efficiency, streamlining processes, and achieving organisational objectives.

The success of a software platform, however, extends beyond its installation. It requires a well-thought-out implementation strategy, tailored to the unique needs and intricacies of the organisation. This involves meticulous planning, collaborative efforts, and a clear vision to ensure a smooth transition from existing systems to the new solution.

As a pure SaaS solution, Domos does not require any software installation. Access to the solution is supported through the internet using any web browser, with login credentials provided to the customer. Implementation does not necessitate any additional technical deployment. A dedicated tenant for the customer is created in the database and configured during the project. The Domos FS experts guide these configurations to match the customer’s requirements and train the client’s team for efficient system usage. The duration of this process will vary based on the level of automation required, the number and complexity of data sources and the reporting expected from the platform.

“We view professional services as an integral prerequisite for a successful adoption of the Domos platform. Our commitment is to provide value at every stage, starting from the moment a client chooses Domos, guiding them until they achieve autonomy in utilising our suite of applications, and continuing our support even thereafter. Client services are in our DNA. Indeed, we consider our clients as real partners and enter into a business relationship with this outlook.” says Fanny Metz, Co-Founder and Head of Professional Services at Domos FS.

Domos FS native cloud solutions smoothly empower organizations in managing their operations and IT infrastructure, providing businesses with the agility to effortlessly introduce new services and extend their customer reach. Nevertheless, should a technical or functional issue arise during production, or if a user requires training, the Domos FS helpdesk stands ready to provide swift and effective assistance, ensuring continuous operational excellence.

“Our experienced team of professionals is on the client’s side throughout their Domos journey. Their business and IT skills help us answer questions and solve issues easily, supported by the client’s account manager.” adds Fanny Metz, Co-Founder and Head of Professional Services at Domos FS.

The harmonious relationship inside our teams, from sales-presales through product management and professional services, ensures a smooth implementation and robust support. Coupled with the availability of a responsive helpdesk, it is the cornerstone of a successful software deployment. It not only empowers organisations with advanced technological capabilities but also fortifies their ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape such as the growing Alternative investments sector.

Domos FS is a FundTech specialised in the management of alternative funds investing in real assets ie. private equity, real estate, infrastructure, debt and fund-of-funds.

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