Digital use

John Mikton on digital devices and shrinking attention spans at school

In this episode of Newsmakers, John Mikton, an educator from the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) shares his insight on children’s reduced attention span and how that affects their education.

The ease with which digital devices and the internet supply us with information and content has undoubtedly changed how we process what we read, watch and hear. As a head of education and media technology at ISL, John’s work is to focus on how to help children and parents use those digital devices best.

“I think we’re all struggling with attention span, it’s quite challenging and I think we need to be mindful that the kids don’t get a bad attention span on their own. They are seeing models, they are seeing behaviours around them that they copy,” says John.

Difficulties to concentrate on one thing can have an impact on critical thinking as John points out while people are also far worse at multitasking than they believe. To find out more, tune in on Spotify.