Visual of the Annual Report But EXtraordinary Photo: Maison Moderne

Visual of the Annual Report But EXtraordinary Photo: Maison Moderne

Every year, companies must comply with the impose exercise of the annual report, a information and data rich publication. This technical imposed figure may however not be suitable enough to convey their ambitions, values and challenges. 

The ABEX according to Maison Moderne

It is in this context that the Maison Moderne Brand Studio imagined and designed the ABEX, Annual report but EXtraordinary, with BIL as its first partner.

A fluid, easy-to-read annual extra-financial report tailored to the needs and challenges of the company: sharing its vision, values or ambitions, presenting its medium or long-term strategy, communicating key strategic figures for the period. The content is designed and built according to the target audience.

This communication approach is based on a relevant editorial strategy in line with the client's expectations, and supported by a creative concept in line with the brand's visual identity and expectations.

Case study: BIL ABEX

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg wanted to create a simplified annual report for its clients, partners, associates, employees and future recruits, presenting only the key information to remember. A printed document, unexpected, aiming at taking stock of the past year and sharing the company's vision.

This report was to be produced in French and English.

Both ABEXs were distributed to the Bank's branches and subsidiaries. The feedback was very positive from customers, employees and partners alike.

These two very different objects attract and encourage customers to pick them up and read them. The intended target groups are thus clearly informed by the power of simplified, inspiring and creative content.

Below are the two ABEX produced for BIL:



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