Anush Manukyan, head of innovation at the Luxembourg Tech School, will participate in a Luxembourg Ventures Day panel on women in tech on 18 October 2023. Photo: Provided by Anush Manukyan

Anush Manukyan, head of innovation at the Luxembourg Tech School, will participate in a Luxembourg Ventures Day panel on women in tech on 18 October 2023. Photo: Provided by Anush Manukyan

Ahead of Luxembourg Venture Days, Delano caught up with Anush Manukyan from the Luxembourg Tech School to learn more about the Tech School’s activities, to hear about the importance of early education and to get a sneak peek of the panel on women and technology that she’ll be part of.

Lydia Linna: Can you tell me a little bit about your own background and how you came to the Luxembourg Tech School?

Anush Manukyan: From a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by technology. This passion led me to study informatics and applied mathematics, and later to pursue further studies in computer science, getting a PhD in machine learning and robotics. My eagerness to share my knowledge with the younger generation brought me to the Luxembourg Tech School.

As a non-profit ASBL, how does the Luxembourg Tech School operate and what makes it different from a “traditional” company?

A non-profit ASBL is different from a traditional company by not seeking profit. LTS’ main objective, as a non-profit organisation, is to offer all its activities free of charge to high school students throughout Luxembourg. It is able to function thanks to its public and private sponsors.

We live in a world where technology is becoming a larger and larger part of our daily lives. How can education help people adapt to--and adopt--new technologies?

By providing robust foundation at an early age, we help to equip children with the necessary tools and skills to thrive in this digital era. The ones that are ready to embrace new technologies get a competitive advantage in various fields.

What are some examples of what Luxembourg is doing to promote early-age education in technology?

In recent years, opportunities for students to explore and learn about cutting-edge technologies have significantly expanded in Luxembourg. Different initiatives now offer a variety of activities and events where students can interact with robots, develop websites, and even create games.

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For instance, the Luxembourg Tech School provides three different programmes, for different age groups: 12-14 and 15-19. These supplementary weekly classes emphasise digital skills and entrepreneurial spirit through project-based learning. The students work on real-world problems, participate in many workshops and hackathons, expanding their technical expertise and innovative thinking.

Could you give a mini sneak peek of the panel discussion that you’re a part of?

I'm excited to join the Luxembourg Venture Days, a three-day event that acts as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in our startup ecosystem. I'll be part of the [editor’s note: 18 October, 11:45-12:30], discussing the vital topic of empowering women in the startup realm.

Luxembourg Venture Days, organised by Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LPEA), and the Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN), is taking place from 17-19 October 2023 at Luxexpo The Box. The Women & Tech panel on 18 October will feature Marina Andrieu, Zineb Bensaid, Ekaterina Berezly, Isabel Holguera Vera, Anush Manukyan, Patricia Souza, Elodie Trojanowski and Györgyi Szakmar.

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