New start for former Ariston cinema

The façade of the former Ariston cinema in Esch-Alzette has been restored to its former glory and the historic sign has been reinstalled. Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne

The façade of the former Ariston cinema in Esch-Alzette has been restored to its former glory and the historic sign has been reinstalled. Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne

The former Ariston cinema was renovated by WW+ during Esch2022. This was an opportunity to give this Esch institution a major facelift and to host a new programme dedicated to live performances for young audiences.

Listed as a historical monument, the Ariston has undergone structural and energy renovation to enable this former cinema to become a theatre and bar area. Dating from the 1960s, the building had been closed since 2016. Only the residential units on the upper floors were still in use.

In December 2019, the City of Esch was able to acquire the entire building in order to renovate it and give it a new programme. The Ariston serves as a complementary space to the Escher Theater by hosting mainly shows designed for young audiences. In addition to this activity, film screenings are still possible.

The dismantling of the steel staircase and the extension on the east side will restore the building to its original appearance. By creating a large opening in the façade, props and scenery for the theatre can easily be brought into the building.

In addition to the renovated sanitary and storage areas in the basement, a new theatre bar has been installed. Other important elements of the project are the installation of dressing rooms for artists, the creation of offices and storage space on the upper floors, and the modernisation of the existing municipal hall.

All measures are being carried out in a sensitive manner and in close coordination with the National Monuments and Sites Department. The installation of new lifts ensures accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

The renovation was carried out with respect for sustainable development, with a maximum of reuse, the non-use of polluting materials and the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Technical data

Client: City of Esch-sur-Alzette

Architect: WW+ architektur + management

Static engineer: Schroeder & Partners

Technical engineer: Felgen & Associés Engineering

Stage planning: Walter Kottke Ingenieure/InCA Ingénieurs Conseils Associés

Acoustics and fire safety: InCA Consulting Engineers

Analysis of pollutants: Eneco Consulting Engineers

Surveyor: Geolux 3.14

Construction cost: €13.9m including VAT

Gross floor area: 2,255m2

Opening: June 2022

Location: Esch-sur-Alzette

 This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.