Autopolis moves to Fridhaff

Autopolis’s new dealership in Fridhaff Photo: Autopolis

Autopolis’s new dealership in Fridhaff Photo: Autopolis

As of 26 July, Autopolis Volvo has moved from Ettelbruck to the new interregional industrial zone Zano in Fridhaff, in the municipality of Diekirch.

Autopolis had been present in Ettelbruck since 2006, near the slaughterhouse, but the new location will enable the dealership to welcome its customers in a 1,500m² space which is more than twice as much as before. The new space is more accessible and more modern.

“Through this move, I wanted to anchor Autopolis even more firmly in the urban centre of the north of the grand duchy, while offering a unique experience in an ultra-modern premium location to our customers in this region and being more geographically accessible in the north of the country,” emphasised Marc DevilletMarc Devillet, managing director of Autopolis.

The new location will also allow the dealership to expand its services. For example, customers will be able to benefit from the efficient and personal Volvo Personal Service. “A personal service technician will take care of the entire follow-up of [customers’] cars, from the appointment to the return of the car,” says Autopolis. “By being in direct contact with the mechanic, the Volvo customer will be able to have complete confidence in a professional who knows their car thoroughly.”

Depending on the public health situation, Autopolis will organise an opening evening in September or October to present this new dealership.

The Autopolis group markets 13 brands and employs 350 people in Luxembourg.

This article was originally published in Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.